Newsletter Archive: A Collection of Past Publications

Voces publishes a monthly newsletter in Spanish for the Latino / Hispanic community in our area, which is provided both online and in printed format. The title of our newsletter is La Sed de Saber, which means "The Thirst for Knowledge." You will find a downloadable list of those past publications below left. An archive of flyers, posters and notices from Voces is provided below right. It includes information about past events, classes, meetings and special programs


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Event Archive: Past Flyers and Posters from Voces


Event Name: Convivio de Reyes Magos 2016 (PDF)

Event Name: Voces Family Day 2016 (PDF)

Event Name: Sabor Latino 2016 (PDF)

Event Name: Meet and Greet 2016 (PDF)

Event Name: ESL Classes (PDF)

Event Name: Convivio de Reyes Magos 2017 (PDF)

Event Name: 100 Promises (PDF)

Coming Soon: More archival materials from Voces!


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